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Iím Linda Schetter, I have been the Owner/Operator of Springfieldís School of Driving, LLC since 2010.  I am a Training Manager and certified to teach not only the driverís education program, but also the 8 hour Adult Remedial Course, the 6 hour Juvenile Driver Improvement Program, and Abbreviated Adult Course. I honestly have found my calling! The enjoyment in classroom is awesome. The enjoyment and progress during the behind-the-wheel instruction is rewarding. If the students are not enjoying themselves, they are going to shutdown from the instruction given during the 24 hours of classroom. No doubt it can be boring but I love to make them laugh even at my own expense! Not all students, but most, will stop me in public or come into the school to share their driving experiences with me. That does my heart good!
Iím Lindsay Schetter. I began my career with Springfieldís School of Driving in 2011, teaching the teen driving program and working in our office. In 2014, I got my Training Manager Certification, and since then have become certified to teach not only the driverís education program, but also the 8 hour Adult Remedial Course, the 6 hour Juvenile Driver Improvement Program, and Abbreviated Adult Course. My love for teaching is unprecedented. Having students - teens and adults - come in and share their successes, does my heart good. Whether itís someone getting their first license, or an individual getting their license back after a suspension, the joy I feel for their success and accomplishments is indescribable. 
Iím Howard Patton. I am a Navy Vet and retired from Navistar. I have been working for Springfieldís School of Driving since 2010. Before this I was a driving instructor for Safeway for 7 years. I like to build a comfortable relationship with my students during their driving lessons. I honestly feel if they enjoy themselves, they learn and remember safety techniques better. I have had many of my past students approach me years later to talk about how much fun they had and their good driving record.
Thereís no better reward!

Iím Marty Ford. It is exciting to work with teens that are eager to learn the many tasks of driving. The ability to have their attention the whole time while in the instruction seat is a treat. As I point out errors that adult drivers are making on the road I can sense they grasp the importance of safe driving techniques. For them to see how far they have come from start to finish of their driving hours and to learn maneuverability and parallel parking is very enjoyable.
What an encouragement to work one-on-one with the next generation!

Iím Ben Gilliam. I am a Marine Vet and a retired Correctional Counselor at London Correctional Institution. Recently starting my new job as a Driving Instructor, I have enjoyed very much meeting these new drivers and sharing in their great milestone of acquiring a drivers license.
The students have been wonderful to work with.

Iím Patricia Stinnett. My career as an educator for Springfield City Schools started 23 years ago. I have been a Driving Instructor since 1980; being with Springfieldís School of Driving since 2009. My objective at Springfieldís School of Driving is to provide and maintain a safe classroom and in-car environment during studentís lesson. I emphasize the dangers their phones cause whether they are texting, listening to music or using GPS.
I enjoy the progress each student makes.

Iím Brent Goff. Iíve been with Springfieldís School of Driving since 2009. Iím a retired deputy sheriff from Clark County, Ohio having served 25 years. The last 10 years of my service I was one of the D.A.R.E. Officers. Before that I was a volunteer firefighter-paramedic for German twp for 15 years.
Through out my years of service I really enjoyed giving students information to make better decisions in their lives.  I feel the same about driving. I believe that having students interact with the instructors, talking in class about situations they may be facing and presenting them real life examples, equips them to make better choices while driving. My personal goal is to have the students get through the high risk years with no moving violations crashes or injuries.